Yesterday I was driving in the Five Corners area of White Rock when I saw two very expensive cars parked side by side. Two Lamborghini’s two be exact. On one of the two vehicle’s I noticed a green and white ‘N’ sticker – which as we all know means, ‘New Driver’. My immediate reaction was one of anger, and frankly I’m not sure why.  Like most of us, I was raised in a middle class family and lived in a middle class neighbourhood. Money wasn’t something we took for granted and we always had to watch our budget. But that’s how I was raised and clearly not how that young driver was. My reaction surprised me a little when I saw the vehicle. Was I angry because I was envious? Or was I angered because I was always raised to believe money isn’t something you show off not matter if you have it or not? I was taught to respect those who have and don’t have money because it’s not how you base someone’s character. But, being honest seeing someone driving a high high end car like a Lamborghini with an N sticker perturbs me to no end. It probably shouldn’t, but it does. Perhaps it’s how I was raised.