Kendall Jenner made headlines for a dress she wore to her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding a few months ago. She was one of the bridesmaids and wore the same dress as all the other girls during the ceremony, but changed into her own dress during the reception and the internet was divided.

First off.. Here’s the dress:

YES obviously Kendall looks amazing, but many people said that it was completely inappropriate to wear such a a dress to a friends wedding because the focus should be on the bride and groom, not on a guests outfit. The bride herself commented on Kendalls look saying she looked “stunning” and that she “loved” the look, which Kendall responded back saying “obvi asked for your approval in advance too.” Making it clear to the haters, this dress got the approval from the bride. So does that make it okay to wear such a eye grabbing dress to your friends special day?!

I think this raises another question all together.. Are there just certain things you should never wear to a wedding, or even ASK if you can wear? What if the bride feels bad saying no, or is trying to be a good friend so lets you wear it but all the attention gets taken away from her. I think these are all things to be considered when it comes to attending a wedding, sure there are times when a bride really won’t care… But lets be honest, in Hollywood especially, they all care!