Before you have kids, you don’t realize just how fast they are, and how fast they can get away from you.  As the summer approaches, I’m reminded of the chaos that can ensue when you lose your child at a large event, even if it’s just for 10 seconds!

Maybe I just have too many kids to keep track of? Forget about a crowd, I’ve even lost my kids at home! When my eldest was 2 or 3 years old, we lived on a fairly busy street here in Surrey. My son, as many are, was very curious about everything and really into exploring (I often found him up among the mannequins in a shop!). As parents, we took precautions and had “child locks” on our doors.

Well my son had no trouble scooching a chair right over to the hotel lock on the front door and getting himself out on the sidewalk while I was changing a diaper on my youngest. I managed to catch him just in time, but there’s potential for him to be hit by a car, or run into the park, or falling into a pond or backyard pool in the neighbourhood…

Some of my favourite tips for parents prior to big events where the potential to be separated from your family:

  • Outfit your child in a bright coloured hat that’s easy to spot in a crowd
  • Have a pre-planned meeting place
  • Write your phone number on their belly or back in a Sharpie (low-tech but effective!)
  • Take a photo of your child as soon as you get out of the car, so you have a very current, up-to-date photo including what they’re wearing
  • Teach them who to ask for help

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