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Parents of children in the Surrey School District!

If you have a little one who is turning 5 before January 1, 2019, registration has begun!  Yes, within the year your little one will head off to school.  “Where should I send my child to school?”, is a question on the minds of so many parents.  I see it plastered all over Facebook from eager parents.

Schools in Surrey are great and it really is the families that make up the school community and make fun things possible!  Many schools in Surrey are actually at capacity and won’t accept out of catchment students, so you’ll need to register with your catchment school.  And it’s not always the one right across the street, so check with the Surrey School District website school finder!

Then head over to the school with your required documents (yes, all of them…. Don’t mess with a school secretary).  You’ll be asked to fill in some forms.  Some schools are better able to prepare than others, but you’ll save yourself a headache if you go at off-peak times and not during school pick-up or drop off.  Or go at drop-off and witness the chaos you’re about to experience along with all the other parents in Surrey!

For regular enrollment, there is no deadline, but it is best to have it done sooner than later to allow the district to sort out enrollment and school requirements.  Some schools will even start the next year’s classroom organization planning in the spring.

If you’re interested in one of the District’s Choice programs like French Immersion or Montessori, you would still register at your local school.  The majority of choice programs are offered through a lottery system which opened today – you can apply now until February 19th. 

Now get ready and enjoy the time with your pre-Kindergartener.  I promise, one day you’ll look back and miss it!