My boyfriend Deryck recently got hired with the City of Delta so we are considering moving to the quiet, countryside city this summer.

But first, I had to scope it out.

Yes, although I grew up in Cloverdale I hate to admit I’ve probably only been to Ladner once or twice in my life and none of those times really bring any memories to my mind. We probably, like many people, just drove through the area after coming off the ferry or killed time meandering through the area while waiting for Massey Tunnel traffic to die down.

Deryck took me through the downtown core, which I have to say is adorable! I had no idea there were so many heritage homes and buildings in the seaside city, they really have done it up cute! (See the picture of the cute Italian restaurant we stumbled upon downtown) The shop owners are also so friendly, we had a nice 20 minute chat with the owners of Stillwater Sports who couldn’t have been more friendly or helpful.

Il Posto, casual Italian restauraunt in Ladner’s downtown

Beautiful heritage homes lining the street


And did I mention how QUIET the area is? There’s an instant feeling of peace one gets as you’re driving along Ladner Trunk Road into Delta. No large condos or intense traffic jams to be found. It’s obvious the area hasn’t given into densification like the rest of the Lower Mainland cities.

Deryck also took me over this cute little wooden bridge to Westham Island. The whole island has no more than a dozen farm homes on it and a bird sanctuary. Its such a unique oasis for residents to truly “get away” and scope out the adorable houseboats lining the river (check out the HUGE one we came across! Seeing the BBQ next to it I couldn’t help but picture some fancy architect living there, wining and dining his ladies ha)

Houseboats lining the Westham Island bridge

Bachelor Pad


We still have the challenge of trying to find an affordable detached home in Delta (yes, detached!) Deryck doesn’t believe in wasting money on strata fees, so we have our work cut out for us;) Atleast I can say for now I was delightfully pleased with the beauty and peacefulness of the Delta / Tsawwassen area that we just may be Deltonians come summer!