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Yesterday I was driving thru White Rock and came across and Open House. Big deal you say – there’s many Open Houses everywhere south of the Fraser every weekend. This one was different. The Open House was being held at a home in White Rock that – so the rumours have always been swirled by locals – once belonged to legendary American Gangster and Rum Runner AL CAPONE. It’s a rumour I’ve heard for years but never had heard any solid conformation. So, when I drove past the home and saw the, ‘Open House’ sign I thought, ‘Lets go find out if there is any truth to the myth.’

The very kind real estate agent welcomed me in and gave me a brief tour of this home – built in 1912 btw – and showed me the various suites in the home. The realtor told me it was one of the oldest homes in the area that hadn’t been bought and torn down for another condo complex, or a new home.

And then I asked him if he had heard the, ‘rumours’ about the property.

“You mean the Al Capone rumour?” was his immediate answer.

“Yes, I said.”

and then I was told the story…

Although there was no proof Al Capone actually owned the place, a business associate he knew actually did at one time. And, at one time (or possibly more) the legendary American gangster has been in the home.

Another rumour he also confirmed – the home was being used to store and later transport illegal booze into Blaine, Washington during prohibition. (I won’t say where the home is but will tell you, if you look at the home there is an obvious sign of it’s history when you’re looking at the home from the outside)

My question is this: If WR has a historic piece of property such as this – why are they not doing whatever they can to preserve the structure? Right now, someone could buy the home and tear it down should they choose. WR has already allowed many of the early historical cottages to be demolished for another more modern home. Is WR not going to try and preserve ANY historical buildings?

They don’t need to keep them all, but at least keep some of them. And this home would be a great candidate.

Just saying….