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In the last couple of days if I’ve learned anything, it only confirmed what most of us already know. Once again, common sense saves the day.

Yesterday on Pulse Mornings we interviewed Dr. Mari K. Swingle, a Board-Certified Neurotherapist and practising clinician. She is recognized as a known expert on the effects of I-technology (screen based devices) on the brain and behaviour.

We also talked to Sam Park. Mr. Park is an expert on social media and how best to incorporate a variety of digital platforms into everyday business life. He is the founder of Instinct Media and has worked with  many well-known brands to increase their organic reach through engaging influencers.

Both guests offered the same opinion, kids should spend less time in front of their device screens and parents have to take a more active role. Dr. Swingle noted parents may need to become educated in how they approach limiting their children’s screen time. As a general rule of thumb Swingle says there should be no screen time for at least two hours before bed.

I’m in agreement in that limiting screen time is beneficial to a child’s overall well-being. It allows them to reach further into the depths of their imagination to unlock all of the creativity needed to navigate the world we live in.

Listen to Dr. Mari K. Swingle here

Listen to Sam Park here

Ian Power