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The moon is taking center stage in the skies around the world this month, it will have two cool encounters with star clusters. Today it will pass by the M-35 cluster and on November 10th it will pass by the Beehive cluster. According to NASA you will be able to see it with the naked eye, but more details will be seen if you use a pair of binoculars.

There are however more sky-watching moments to be aware of this month. Venus will pair up with Jupiter on the morning of November 13th, this will them appear close together in the sky. Just make sure to be looking up 45 minutes before sunrise!

Three meteor showers will also grace skies around the world in November as the Taurids, Orionids, and Leonids will produce meteors throughout the month. If you want to catch the action set up in a place with a wide view of as much of the sky as possible. Try to get far away from any light pollution and of course remain patient and enjoy!