I feel the pain of parents everywhere when I see a lone mitten hanging on the fence, a hoodie on the sports field, and the overflowing lost & found bins.

I hate to be all, “WHEN I WAS A KID”… but when I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to lose things.  I’ve tried to ban losing costly items but it hasn’t worked out for me yet!  Of course when we were kids it was a little different: we got one new sweatshirt for “back to school” shopping and maybe one on our birthday.  (By the way, I always tried to wear my cool new Esprit sweatshirts on the first day of school and usually nearly died of heat exhaustion).

As a parent who is frequently digging through the Lost & Found at school, I often wonder how kids manage to lose things like one shoe or even a winter jacket (didn’t they notice?)!

I am an empath, so really seeing the thousands of dollars stacked up in the bins at school is really painful, so here is your reminder to check those bins!