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You’ve just gotten engaged, showed your friends the rock, when one of them ultimately asks “How much do you think it’s worth?!”

The long-held debate of how much a person should spend on their partner’s engagement ring is one that will never die. Some people say they should spend three months salary, some say no more than a couple thousand, then there’s people who would just prefer a $500 Cosco ring or heck, a heart-shaped diamond band.

The other night my boyfriend mentioned his friend spent $10-THOUSAND DOLLARS on an engagement ring, which is insane. What girl wants the stress of trying not to nick, scratch, or lose a rock the size of half a year’s mortgage payments on their hand? I say, like most things, each couple is different, but love shouldn’t be about dollar signs, it’s about whatever a person can afford. Take it from twice-divorced Mariah Carey, the price of the ring does not determine the long-term potential of a marriage!!!

PS – If you’re wondering what celebrities spend on engagement rings, check out the below list of the top 10 most expensive rings!

10. Kim Kardashian from Kanye West – 1.5 Carat Cusion-Cut Diamond – $ 2 million

9. Jennifer Lopez from Ben Affleck – 1 Carat Pink Diamond – $2.5 million

8. Anna Kournikova from Enrique Iglesias – 11-carat Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond – $2.5 million

7. Mariah Carey from Nick Cannon – 17 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond – $2.5 million

6. Jennifer Lopez from Marc Anthony – 8.5 Carat Blue Diamond – $4 million

5. Grace Kelly from Prince Rainier the Third – 10.47 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond – $4 million

4) Paris Hilton from Paris Latsis – 24-Carat  Emerald-Cut Diamond – $5 million

3) Beyonce from Jay-z – 18 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond – $5 million

2) Liz Taylor from Richard Burton – 33.20 Carat Asscher-Cut Diamond – $8.8 Million

1) Mariah Carey from James Packer – 35 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond, $10 million


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– Vanessa
@VanessaLYbarra / @VanessaYbarra77