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After 30 years as city manager and two terms as mayor of White Rock, Wayne Baldwin announced last Thursday that he will not seek re-election for a third term. I had the opportunity to interview Mayor Baldwin this morning and the most compelling takeaway, among his many achievements is just how humble this man is. After all, he was in no small part responsible for building the promenade which stands today as one of the city’s finest jewels. People come from far and wide to be close to the sea, take a walk and enjoy this special corner of the world. We talked about some of his other accomplishments like the city’s purchase of the lower half of Centennial Park and the lower half of Rotary Park, as well as the building of the first Gold LEEDS Standard building in BC. We talked about the city’s new water treatment system and his long-standing love of athletics, volunteering and the importance of arts and culture. Although we only spoke for a few minutes I was taken aback by his dedication and level of concern for not just his city, but more so the people who make up the City of White Rock. Have a listen to the interview on the audio page — just click the “audio” tab above.