First, Netflix had ‘The Crown’. Now it has ‘Harry and Meghan!’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have signed a deal with Netflix where they’ll be producing a a bunch of films to air on the streaming service. They aren’t saying what yet, just that they’ll be a mix of scripted series, documentaries, children series etc, some of which they might appear in. 

When I heard this I thought sure another documentary on climate change would be great but what I think would be even more riveting is a ‘Sussex- Springer Style’ show!  













Here me out! Get Meghan, Kate, Will, and Harry all up on one stage to finally clear the air on their dirty laundry once and for all – and good ol’ Queen Elizabeth can be the moderator aka ‘Jerry’ getting to the bottom of questions like….

  • Who REALLY took those naked photos of Harry in Vegas?
  • Does Kate actually eat more than a crumpet a day?!
  • What’s the real beef between Meghan and Kate? Did Meghan down too much cab save wine one night and give Will the ol’ bedroom eyes?!

Oh the dirt! The drama! The money to be made!

Netflix, I expect a cut.

Vanessa xox