Monday is a holiday and working people throughout the province are up in arms. Here in BC we celebrate a day off with our family while in other parts of Canada Family Day is on the third Monday of the month, not the second like we do here. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario are all the same in that they’re on the third Monday of February. The main complaint in this misalignment is not being able to visit with relatives in other provinces or vice versa. Premiere John Horgan announced today that he will change the timing of BC Family Day to the third Monday of the month to go along with the others. In the meantime wax the boards and head to your favourite snowy slope and enjoy a fun day with your family, whoever your family is. Head out to one of the many parks with a frisbee or take part in a community centre themed activity. Don’t get bogged down by the politics this weekend. There’s plenty of time for that, some other time! Enjoy the time off, if you have time off, but mostly take a moment or a mile and acknowledge your family no matter how misaligned.

Ian Power