So, I’m the new gal. When listening to the morning show on Pulse FM, you’ll hear me with Rudy delivering the news and laughs every weekday from 6a-10a. Throughout the rest of the day, my goal is to help local businesses with their marketing goals. It feels great to be here in Surrey and a part of the amazing Pulse FM team!

Moving is not high on the list of “things people love to do”. As I sit on my couch and watch my cat climb into one of the empty boxes for packing up my life, I think to myself – WHO the hell moves during a pandemic?? I must be crazy? Quite possible. I mean, I did agree to this when life was COVID-free and I took so much for granted – like toilet paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing this for all the right reasons – a great new job in a beautiful city! My kids are well-adjusted adults ( not sure how they turned out so good ).  I needed a change and this one is all for me! That doesn’t change the fact moving sucks.

With that said there is also the never-ending changing of passwords and disconnecting from the life you’re ingrained into. Why do I have so many passwords? I’m sure at one point in my life I must have had it all together and had one password for all things. I don’t know how or where it all fell apart but that thought will keep me up at night I’m sure.

I’d also love to know who makes all this mess. I don’t have kids at home, I don’t throw parties and I thought I had a  good cleaning routine. Behind the fridge and under the stove is a humble reminder that I should up my routine game. I’ll worry about that later though.

Finding a place to live at this time is not an easy task, and in a city three hours away is even tougher. Who wants to show spaces? Never-mind that I don’t want to be in anyone’s house either. Solution for that – rent a new unit, use a floor plan to figure out what you can bring (city life is a lot less square footage) and have a friend check it out – safely of course. It’s not the most reassuring way of doing things but what is right now?

I will say though, much like sneaking out of a bad party so no one sees and harasses you to stay – that’s how I feel leaving my coworkers, family and friends during this time of social distance. No sad goodbyes, no parties, no tears, just me sneaking off to start a new chapter for myself in this life. The start of this new chapter sure has been riveting, to say the least – what is that saying “in like a lion out like a lamb”, I think I’ll go with that!

Alright, I guess I best get the cat out of the box and continue this packing, because, well… no one else is going to do it!