On Tuesday Apple held its yearly Hardware event where they unveil the latest products tech geeks can soon get their hands on.

One of those items was a new Apple watch that can measure your blood oxygen level!

The watch is being called  ‘first of its kind” (duh, it’s Apple!) and a breakthrough in the wellness industry, measuring a person’s oxygen level in 15 seconds flat to give you a fast, accurate, and better understanding of your health and overall fitness.













What’s amazing though, is if you get COVID-19, there’s reports your blood oxygen levels can help determine the severity of the virus in your body (of course check with a doctor before taking medical advise from a broadcaster ha)

Pretty cool though, Apple doing their part in the fight against COVID-19 – pocketing billions of dollars in the process! Hey Jeff Bezos has gotta eat too, ok!

Watch Tuesday’s entire Apple event below!

FYI – The only big thing missing from Tuesday’s event was the iPhone 12, but that’s likely coming in mid-October.

– Vanessa xox