I think it’s great that we have “Pink Shirt” day to focus on anti-bullying, I just wish this subject received attention throughout the whole year. As a a child I used to be friends with everyone and I always hated when people got picked on. I would defend them to the bullies, because as we know kids can be cruel. Unfortunately as I got older and entered high school it was a different situation all together.

I was part of the cool group, I had friends however in all different cliques though. I was big into theatre and loved my drama class, and I ended up becoming friends with people in the theatre group. However I wouldn’t talk to them when I was around my cool friends, which really looking back was not a very nice thing to do.

As I made my way through high school I started to be meaner to the uncool kids and I started to become a bully like most of my cool friends. I didn’t realize it at the time but looking back now I realize I was a bully. This really upsets me today looking back because it was not how I was raised.  I wonder how that little girl in elementary school who defended the kids that were different, had now became one of the kids I used to hate.

Today I am back to the defender of the people who get bullied, I can’t stand to see anyone get picked on when this world is full of hate and anger. I guess I was just trying to fit in back then, but why fit in when being different is what makes us special and that is what makes us human.