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(The following view does not necessarily represent that of South Fraser Broadcasting or it’s employees)

A 17 year old was arrested yesterday following a lockdown of Brookswood secondary in Langley. Yesterday around 3pm Langley RCMP tweeted that there was a situation that caused parents to go to the school causing all kinds of problems for both police and traffic in the area. Turns out an earlier incident involving a student and the 17 year old may have caused the situation. Police say rumours on Social Media may have fueled the speculation and caused minor panic – thus affecting the way the police could get their job done. Never mind them sending out a tweet early into the situation with a very brief press release announcing the incident and then not bothering to update at anytime during or after everything was clear. I’d be a very worried parent to. When all you have to go on is rumours on SM, doesn’t that tell the police not only is it imperative that they investigate the matter fully ( as they did it seems ) but to also use SM as a place to give updates on the situation and not keep everyone in the dark? I think so. When people called me yesterday afternoon asking for an update and I couldn’t give it to them…how would you feel if your child was at Brookswood Secondary yesterday afternoon in a lockdown? Not criticizing the Langley RCMP for what they do or how they handled the situation because they do great work. What I am saying to the police is keep the public informed and please realize you brought on some of the anxiety by not keeping people informed. One tweet and then nothing just doesn’t cut it.


(Picture courtesy: Langley Times)