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It has become abundantly clear that after last Friday’s five overdose deaths in 10 hours spree in Abbotsford that nothing is going to stop this overdose crisis until all people that take the drugs are dead.

Full stop.

Let that sink in for a second.  We have five people in ten hours die in a community of ours.  Sadly, we call that Friday now and move on.  There is a fatigue when it comes to the overdose conversation.  An unexplainable, inexplicable fatigue.  People are dying in your neighbourhood, they are dying out in front of your businesses, and they will continue to die.

Why?  Because until it affects YOU…you will not care.

This opioid addiction run that we are on right now will be one of those events that will and has cut a wide swath through our community.  If you do not know someone who has died from an overdose, give it time, you will soon.

There will be a co-worker who went to a party…dead.

Or maybe your crazy high school buddy having a tablet in his car after a game of pick up hockey…dead.

Or your daughter after cheer leading practice…dead.

Every day things that now turn into open manholes for people to fall through.  The perception used to be drug overdoses were in the dark alleys, the down town east side, 135A St…those days are over.

It is happening right here, right now, and to everyone.

We need to take responsibility now…it’s too bad that we will not.