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We’re all familiar with service dogs, who are savvy, intelligent, and always there to help their owners through navigation, pressing buttons, emotional support, and even sometimes helping owners through medical issues. Dogs really are amazing, loyal creatures.

However, there’s a new dog in town who’s offering service in a different way!

There’s a dog in the Czech Republic named Rancho. He’s a handsome German Shepherd with a big smile and one unusual talent.

He does LAUNDRY!

His owner has managed to train him to load and unload the washing machine, and even close the door with his snout! Talk about man’s best friend!

We asked our listeners to call in and let us know what interesting and unique trick their dogs can do, and we got an awesome response from Monica in White Rock! Her dog knows how to push the button to roll down the backseat window of the car!

It’s so interesting how intelligent and resourceful dogs can really be!

So, we want you to tell us. What is one trick you would want your dog to learn how to do to help around the house?

Would it be cooking? Washing the dishes? Making the beds in the morning?!

Let us know over on Facebook!