After spending the day at Brian Jessel BMW for their 3rd annual blood drive in partnership with the Canadian Blood Services, I feel pretty good about humanity!!

Spending the last 5 months in a pandemic, and self-isolating, then keeping a tiny family bubble while at the same time seeing social media, news and even right in front of your face – people acting horribly.

Until today. Today, I was reminded again – that people are genuinely good. Maybe we don’t all handle a pandemic the same, but I was happily reminded as person after person, old, young, couples, parents with kids, all showed up to donate blood.

Why? Because there are good people that wanted to save some lives. I chatted with a guy that was elated to give, he does it every year and it literally made him happy to spend an hour going through the COVID-19 precautions and forms to fill out NEVERMIND the needle; all so he could donate a pint of his blood.

In the end, I donated blood for the first time, (and I HATE needles) it did feel good to know I might save a life. The best part of the day though, to be honest – was seeing good people, doing good things, and feeling good about it!!