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More schools are coming to Surrey!

The province announced this week a new elementary school is being built in the Sunnyside Heights heights area that will house 600 kids and be built by 2023.

White Rock Elementary and Morgan Elementary are also getting an expansion to pack 200 more kids each.

Education Minister Rob Fleming says the hope is by building more schools and doing all these expansions, all portables will be gone by 2023.

But then where will all the cool kids go?

Hear me out. Growing up, portables to me were the “cool” place where the cool kids went, and by cool I mean delinquents like my sister who was always getting into trouble!

I swear they were more pounds than portables, a spot to keep all the bad dogs away from the goodie two shoe golden retrievers such as myself.

Sure portables aren’t always pretty. The peeled paint, next to no heat, still…like a grunge parking lot party I ached to be a part of it!

Year after year I’d wait to be placed in one, but nope once again gold-chained Jesse and potty-mouthed Sheena would get the call to come on down.

My day, sadly, never came!

– Vanessa xox