A baby is on the way for Katherine Mcphee and David Foster!

The couple’s announced they’re expecting their first child. This the first one for Mcphee, Foster meanwhile has plenty of pull-ups experience…this will be his SIXTH kid! Six! Almost as many grammys as the guys got!

But that isn’t the craziest part. The craziest part is Foster is 70 years old. 70!! Gotta hand it to him, age clearly hasn’t, ahem, gotten him down!

Can you imagine becoming a dad at 70 year?!

Here are some pros to being an older dad I found…

– More life experience to pass on to your kid
– Kids make you feel more young
– Children of older dads likely to have a higher IQ

The cons

– You have to pee more in the night than the kid – between that and the kids diaper changes – prepare for extra grey hair!
– Prepare for non-stop back-pain trying to pick the kid up – and sexy never-ending applying of ben-gay!
–  With memory slipping – the kid better get used to a different name everyday. John? Jim? James! Just get over here!

All kidding aside, biggest of congratulations to Katherine and David!

– Vanessa