1) RCMP is warning you about a dangerous sex offender who has been been released back into Surrey.
Kristjon Olson has been convicted of sexual offences against minors including: sexual interference, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, and offences related to child pornography.
He was released from prison Friday.

Kristjon Olson








Mayor Doug MCallum expressed outrage at the release.

“Our justice system is broken when the release of a dangerous child sexual predator, who is deemed likely to reoffend, supersedes the safety of our children, our families and the innocent. This dangerous sex offender has been convicted of sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and offences related to child pornography. To release such a dangerous child sexual predator, into a city that is well known for its growing population of young families, is totally irresponsible and reprehensible.”

2) Oh his mother would be so proud!
A 37 year old Surrey man was caught driving impaired twice in one night!
The first time was just after midnight Monday when the man crashed into another car near 16 Avenue and 128th Street.
He was arrested then driven home by officers a few hours later.
It’s then he got back into his car and plowed into a fence near 16th Avenue and King George.
He hasn’t been charged just yet but you can bet it’s going to be more than a slap on the wrist!

3) Surrey firefighters doused out a fire at a Whalley highrise Friday morning.
According to media reports, the blaze broke out on the fourth floor of the building lockated at 133 Street and 108 Avenue accord.
No word if anyone was seriously hurt.

4) A family got quite the shock coming across a four-foot long python in Tynehead Park on Tuesday.
They reported it to animal control – it’s believed it was abandoned by its owner.

5) The government has made it easier for restauraunts to apply to expand their patio – announcing a simple online program to help get it approved quickly.
Restauraunts, bars, wineries, breweries, and distilleries are among the people who can apply to widen spaces until October 31st.

6) March retail sales saw the largest drop on record!
Sales fell a whopping 10 percent but Stats Canada is predicting an even bigger dive for April at around 16% with millions of stores closued due to COVID-19.

7) There’s rumours that at least three people survived yesterday’s jet crash in Pakistan that had 98 people on board.
Video on social media shows the plane trying to land at the airport when  flames started shooting out its engine, the pilot issuing a frantic mayday call before it went down.