Fraser Health has issued another warning of a possible COVID-19 exposure at a hookah lounge in Whalley. If you were there on the night of August 7th, you could have been exposed to the Coronavirus.

More than twenty protesters were arrested yesterday for barricading themselves around a modular housing building in Whalley to protest a condo going up – accusing the RCMP of waging a war against the poor.

It isn’t just Surrey going by the two classes every ten weeks model for highschool students in September – Vancouver submitting a similar proposed model to the province – elementary students also being put on a staggered scheduled to help with less crowding for school dropoffs and during lunch breaks.

The U-S Border Patrol has put up a new fence along Aldergrove to stop drug and human traffickers from crossing over – in a statement saying ‘criminal organizations have been taking advantage of the area until now.

If you’re freaking out cause CERB payments end next month and you don’t qualify for E-I – help is on the way!
Details are expected to be release soon on new support measures available for workers affected by the pandemic – with at least two million people expected to be left in the dark.

A five year old boy was killed in Chilliwack earlier this week after a tree branch fell on him – a woman also  transported to hospital.
The boy was part of a children’s group taking part in a day hike in the area.

Fire danger in the Okanagan remains at extreme as a wildfire continues to rage in Penticton – hundreds of people forced to flee their homes with more than three thousand still on evacuation alert – luckily only one home has been destroyed in the blaze.

Obama is letting it all out!
In a video released last night the former president slammed Trump saying “the man hasn’t grown into the job, because he can’t” went on to accuse him of putting his own interests before the country – warning Americans democracy is at stake if they vote him in.