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The lead author of research into juvenile Pacific salmon migration says the fact that not all salmon populations are responding the same way to climate change is a reminder of how important biodiversity is. Sam Wilson says it could pose a challenge for people in charge of managing and protecting the species, who often use one population as an indicator to predict how the rest of the species is managing. Research into the migration of 66 Pacific salmon populations in North America found that some are not keeping pace with changes to the plankton that they eat. Wilson says protecting salmon habitat is key to protecting the fish.

The mayor of Cache Creek says what’s normally a babbling brook has become a raging river. John Ranta says water levels are the highest he’s ever seen them and sandbags aren’t likely to help. He says floodwaters were flowing right through the community firehall and the water has inundated highways 1 and 97 as they intersect in Cache Creek. The provincial government says in a statement it is helping communities prepare for flooding and a stockpile of sandbags is being deployed to communities that need them.

The BC government says it is helping communities prepare for flooding and a stockpile of sandbags is being deployed to communities that need them. It says areas at risk of moderate flooding are expected to expand, especially in the central Interior and Okanagan until tomorrow. The province says hot weather is expected to ease by tomorrow when heavy rain and possible thundershowers move in for the weekend in the BC Interior. It says people in affected regions should take precautions to ensure their safety, including developing a household plan, putting together emergency kits, connecting with neighbours and learning about their local government’s emergency response plan.

Yukon has launched a new online Flood Atlas that it says will make it simpler to access details on flood-related alerts and long-term flood preparation in the territory. The government says the Flood Atlas website displays current high water and high streamflow advisories, flood watches and flood warnings, which can be viewed on a map or in a list format. It says expired advisories from the current year will also be displayed on the site. The territory says the atlas was designed to streamline the process of issuing flood warnings to the public and includes the government’s official flood mapping initiative and links to resources about Yukon water science and flood preparedness.

BC’s attorney general is expected to provide an update today about the steps the province has taken to prevent the non-consensual sharing of intimate images. Niki Sharma told the legislature in March that the government is proposing a law that would create new legal rights and remedies to stop the distribution of such images and to seek compensation for those who are harmed. She said the legislation covers intimate images, near-nude photos, videos, livestreams and digitally altered images, including videos known as deepfakes, and will require an offender to delete or destroy images or order social media platforms to remove them and scrub the images from search engine. Today’s update also comes a week after the federal government announced legislation to add non-consensual sharing of intimate images and extortion to the list of offences that could land someone on the National Sex Offender Registry.

People living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will be able to access a variety of health services all under one roof now that a first-of-its kind facility has officially opened its doors. The Vancouver Urban Health Centre is located at 219 Main Street and is open Monday to Friday from 9 a-m to 5 p-m. Dr. Brian Conway, the centre’s medical director, says the goal is to build on the community pop-up clinics his team has offered on the Downtown Eastside for years. Though it officially opened yesterday, Conway says a soft launch of the centre started six weeks ago and, since then, between 25 and 30 people have visited daily.