Winning Pulse FM’s Pot of Gold contest courtesy of Envision Financial couldn’t have come at a better time for winner Nancee Nayoski.

“I’m going to fly home to Calgary and surprise my family,” said Nayoksi. “It’s extremely special cause my Dad just had major surgery on Friday, he was in the ICU all weekend and just got sent home yesterday so this is going to be a nice special occassion for me to see them and a nice surprise.”

The Surrey resident and avid Pulse FM listener was lucky caller #77 to call into the studio last Friday and correctly identify the pot of gold was virtually hidden in Christ Church in Cloverdale.

However, turns out she wasn’t alone in her search.

“My girlfriend and I had been working on it together. We started thinking it was a church by clue number four.  Started googling, putting the clues together, and by the fifth clue we were pretty confident.”

Nayoski accepted her $1,077 cheque at the Envision Financial Cloverdale Branch on Tuesday.

After a few celebratory green beers and flying home to see her Dad, she plans to split the rest of her earnings with her friend:)

Listen to Nayoski’s full interview with Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra below


Contest is brought to you by Envision Financial.

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