Here I sit in the Zoom Cafe. This is my first-ever stop at Freeway Mazda. Already I have a sense this will not be my last. The Pulse FM Cruiser needs an oil change and a couple of lug nuts (don’t ask). From the moment I walked through the service centre door I was immediately greeted by an advisor who advised me a few minutes in the Zoom Cafe would help me refresh for the rest of the day with fresh coffee, pastries, fruits and candy. Oh and big screen TV’s aplenty at every turn. I mentioned to the advisor that I will be waiting for the vehicle to be serviced and I might have mentioned that I have been up since 3:30 am. He offered me a comfortable chair and assurance I’d be on my way within an hour. He was stop-watch perfect. Not only had the technicians taken care of my known and present needs, I was told that since I was here they also adjusted one of the on-board computers as per recommendations by Mazda. Did I mention the car was cleaned too? I finished my coffee feeling ready to get on with my to-do list and went on my way with a certain feeling of accomplishment (as if I had done the work myself) knowing the Pulse FM cruiser had been serviced, maintenance up-to-date. Taking any car to the shop is not something anyone would call fun, but the staff at Freeway Mazda made it feel like a nice break in the day as much as anything else. Kudos to Freeway Mazda staff for recognizing the importance of looking after your customers. Thanks for reinventing the dealership experience!

Ian Power