So right out of the gate just so you know I’m not a huge sports guy. I get it, I understand and I respect it but it doesn’t get my juices flowin’. Now if it’s like a big UFC fight, or the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup Playoffs game 7 with the Canucks in the lead (and I’m as far away from downtown as possible) I’ll 100% check out the game. It’s more of a communal experience for me but on my own time and on my day off you won’t catch me checking the latest stats.

Now with that said I’ve been reminiscing about the good old Vancouver Grizzlies days with Greg one of our sales guys in the office here at Pulse. He brought up how they were only here for six years from 1995 to 2001 but in my mind they were a huge part of my childhood because during that period I was 7-13 years old which was a critical amount of time in young Jeremy’s brain. I remember going to a handful of games with my Dad and enjoying the experience and having stickers of the logo which was a giant grizzly squeezing a basketball, and every single one of my friends all having Grizzly hats.

Now speaking of merchandise I keep seeing all the Grizzly merch popping up all over the place and Greg informed me that they’ve really ramped up printing and making new gear and its far from cheap. A Grizzly jacket will run you around $300 and it gives off this kind of cult like status. Like you’re part of a group of people who failed but deep down you know it could have been great and now carries a lot of nostalgia. So the entire point of this spiel is that it’s been over two decades since the Grizzlies took off to Memphis and I feel that Vancouver is in a great spot to bring back an NBA team.

We have Rogers Arena so the facility is taken care of and I’m sure it costs a billion dollars to create an official NBA team but after everything we’ve experienced in the last couple years what better way to bring our community back together than a brand new b-ball team that we can all be proud of?

This is also coming from a guy who barely understands what traveling the ball means so make of it what you will.