As a result of a successful investigation by the Surrey RCMP’s Property Crime Target Team (PCTT), a large retail theft operation has been shut down and a sizable amount of offence related property has been forfeited by the BC Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO).

On March 2017, Surrey RCMP’s PCTT began an in-depth investigation into the sale of stolen merchandise on online marketplaces. Officers identified and arrested two individuals who were allegedly stealing select branded merchandise from multiple clothing stores and then allegedly selling the stolen merchandise online. Search warrants were executed on a condominium located in Surrey, a rented storage unit located in Maple Ridge, and a vehicle believed to be used to transport the stolen goods. A large amount of merchandise and other stolen goods were recovered with an approximate value of $122,000.

in April 2017 the Surrey RCMP Asset Forfeiture Team (AFT) referred the offence related property to the BC Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) for review. In July 2018 the Surrey RCMP AFT received notice from the CFO indicating that the condominium and vehicle were successfully forfeited and that the net proceeds paid into the Civil Forfeiture account were approximately $102,000.

Alan Smith is now charged with several offences including Theft Under $5,000, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000, Assault a Peace Officer, Obstruct Peace Officer, and Trafficking in Property Obtained by Crime. Kimberly Gascon is now charged with Theft Under $5,000. Both individuals are still awaiting trial.