Rina Diaz – Proudly Surrey

By September 24, 2018General

Rina Diaz came to Canada with her family as a refugee from El Salvador in 1989. Her family settled in Whalley in 1994. Now living in Newton with her partner and 3 daughters, Rina brings 7 years of experience on Surrey Parent Advisory Committees at both the School and the District level. In that time she has raised tens of thousands of dollars for her schools through her hard work and community outreach.

Rina has 3 children, all in the Surrey public school system, and advocated for them and their classmates everyday. Rina’s career includes Restaurant Management and customer relations. Rina is a no nonsense woman who will give a voice to those who feel they have none and is Proudly Surrey.

“I have had a chance to see first hand what has happened to our schools over the last decade and I am going to make sure that the promises made by the new Government in Victoria are kept and, more importantly, implemented.” Said Diaz “It’s one thing to build new schools, but we have over 100 schools in Surrey that are in desperate need of maintenance and upgrading. This is the conversation I will be having with Surrey parents.”