Wow!  The new Rope Runner Aerial Park is tons of fun!

You’re completely safe wearing a harness that’s clipped to a series of wires as you navigate the park’s elements.  The elements are original and fun: you can run across a series of skateboards, ride a bike across a wire, traverse using hanging rings, climb walls and even just sit on a suspended bench way up in the sky! For us beginners or the faint of heart, crossing a simple balance beam 10 feet off the ground can be exhilarating!  There’s also a free fall drop that you can’t miss!

With my crew, the park was a huge hit for the 12- and 13-year-olds.  The session is 2 hours but they would have stayed all day even in the 30+ degree heat.  While my own younger children opted out, there were 7 -year-olds racing along the course.  (An adult must accompany those under 10, and a full refund is available for anyone who changes their mind within 15 minutes of the session start.)

The course is also lots of fun for adults and would be a great team builder or friends outing.  We saw adults of all ages enjoying the course.

For a fun, active outing your kids will talk about for days or even weeks – check out Rope Runner Aerial Park!