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There will be a lot less ‘bucking and broncin’ at this year’s Cloverdale Rodeo.

The Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition Association’s announced the rodeo has been cancelled due to its grandstands not being structurally sound enough for the event.

When asked in an interview with Pulse FM why the discovery wasn’t made sooner, with the facility sitting relatively empty the last two years due to the pandemic, President Gerry Spielmacher says it was only recently they decided to do a through inspection of the grounds.

“We knew the seating had some issues but we didn’t realize the structural part of it had some sinking in the ground. It is possibly it could be repaired by May, but there’s no guarantees. And when you’re bringing in materials, the cost of doing it, it will get repaired, it’s an important asset of the city but we need to make sure it’s safe and that’s the priority here.”

Before you cry into your cowboy hat, not all is lost. The country fair is still going ahead with carnival games, rides, farm animal petting zoo,  logging shows, and yes big kids, the Longhorn Saloon!

Listen to the full interview with Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra: