Well you might not be able to tell from the weather, but summer vacation is officially arriving TODAY for Surrey and most Lower Mainland elementary students!

We all start summer with the best plans of jam packed fun days and warm summer nights.  But sometimes we get stuck for ideas of just what the heck to do for the next sixty-eight days and nights?!

Let’s start with CANADA DAY!  You’d better be coming down to Surrey’s HUGE Canada Day festival in Cloverdale. It’s always a hit for families and it’s FREE (Plus, PULSE FM will be there)!

As for the rest of the summer… it’s a good idea to make a plan and include ALL the things you want to definitely do  Playland, lake days, and all the other “big” day trips you want to take.  Schedule them in, or you might just suffer from a case of FOMO as you see other families doing all those fun things.

If you’re taking some time off or don’t work outside the home, you can take advantage of your weekdays by hitting the popular places during the week – some even offer special weekday or twilight pricing to come at off-peak times.  (For example, Cultus Lake Adventure Park offers Monday-Friday specials and there’s a Twilight Rate for the last 3.5 hours of the day at Cultus Lake Water Park.)

I love so many of our local parks, they’re a great way to break up your day and let your younger and bigger kids burn off some energy.  Surrey is LITERALLY the City of Parks, and there are so many here you’ve got time to check out some that you might not usually venture to!

Or check out Penzer Parkour Park in Langley for a fun day, especially if you’ve got little bouncers or Ninja athletes in your house looking to jump off the walls.  Williams Park is another great classic park with trails and little watering holes you can splash in.

Of course there’s also our awesome,  free local pools in Surrey.  It’s always a classic to take lessons as the week I pick is always freezing!  But hey, kids don’t seem to mind a little chill in the air as much as we do.  (So go whenever it’s a little chilly for a less crowded experience).

There are so many things to see and do over the summer, we can take some downtime to rest up, sleep and watch Netflix too!

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