Earlier today off 200 Street, I recieved a traffic ticket on my windshield, as I didnt realize my car was partially parked by a flat surface ramp on the sidewalk.

Shame on me for not thinking of parents with baby strollers, skateboarders, and the elderly in wheechairs!

But also, I’m feeling a little lucky today because the bylaw officer wrote on my ticket that this was just a “warning” – and crossed off the $50 fee with their pen, writing $0 instead.

I thought that was a very nice gesture – however, there IS a ticket number, and my Licence Plate number IS on the ticket. Ahh!

So the question is… do I ignore paying it , trust the handwriting, and never-ever park in front or near a sidewalk ramp ever-again?

Or… is it now officially on the Township of Langley I-Owe-You file (regardless if the bylaw officer wrote on it or not)?

And if I dont pay it, will the price go up? (Even if the bylaw officer wrote $0 by pen) Hmm.

Guess its time for a phone call to the local Bylaw Office.

** Update **

So I just checked the status of the Bylaw Ticket online at tol.ca/onlineservices

And Wow – it looks they DO have my car on file – and the Bylaw Officer really wrote $0 for VOID!

It IS my lucky day!  Seriously “Thanks” to the forgiving Bylaw Officer for giving crazy drivers like me a 2nd chance –

and I promise to never park next to a sidewalk ramp curb ever again in my life.