Have you ordered food delivery from the app Skip the Dishes? Well I used to love this app, and I mean USED to. I will be honest I don’t like to cook, I really really don’t like to cook. So my fiance and I tend to go out or order in alot. Once we found Skip the Dishes we used it quite frequently during the week and never had an issue for many months.

That all changed a few weeks ago,  we ordered Mexican food on the app from one of our favourite places. I placed the order at 6:15pm on a Friday and we just hung out watching TV waiting for our food to arrive. I checked the app 10 min later expecting to see a wait time and I did, it said 25 minutes, okay that is normal I thought. Then I checked another 10 minutes later and it was now at 35 minutes, they added more time. That was the first time that I ever saw that happen in all the times I have ordered from them. Then another few minutes I looked and they added more time and it was at 45 min.

This became concerning because the time wasn’t ticking down, it was adding up. After an hour I thought okay I need to contact them, I went onto their chat on the app and no one answered me. I checked the chat ever few minutes and still no one was answering, until around 20 minutes later I got a generic response of what is your order number. I gave it and waited another 10 minutes for someone to actually answer again. They said it will be there in 40 minutes for sure,  I said I hope so it’s been over an hour and 30 minutes since I placed the order.

So guess what….. no one came when they said they would so I called the restaurant and they said it’s Skip the Dishes they keep adding more time, I said I know. When the time got to 2 hours I went onto the chat and said please cancel our order my fiance has to go to bed now and he hasn’t eaten a thing.

It was around 10 minutes later  when they said okay no problem we will credit your purchase. I said wow, your customer service is not very good at all, so hard to get a hold of anyone and no communication. They said they will give me a credit, which only ended up being 10 dollars to use in the future.

I had to make my own dinner that night and at 9:15pm the door bell rang and guess what….. it was a Skip the Dishes delivery guy with our order and he woke up my finance. I had already eaten at this time which was actually a good thing because the burrito they sent for me had beef in it, I am a vegetarian, so yes they even got my order wrong.


So how is the food ordering app Door Dash? I’ll let you know!