(Press Release from Translink)

Expo Line and Millennium Line are experiencing delays due to the weather.

There’s a slight reduction in service currently on Expo and Millennium lines due to intrusion alarms being activated by snow/ice and the need to manually staff trains in certain areas.

Photos on Twitter show hundreds of people crowded onto the skytrain platform in New Westminster waiting for a train.


Photo courtesy of @mizmayette at New Westminster station Monday morning


People were also lined up round the block at the Lougheed Skytrain station Monday Morning waiting for a train.

Image Courtesy of @JakeSorensen7
at Lougheed Skytrain station Monday morning

A shuttle train has been set up  between Columbia Station and Lougheed Station. Customers must transfer at Columbia or Lougheed to continue their journey.

Millennium Line operating Lafarge Lake -Douglas to VCC in both directions.

Canada Line is unaffected.

In Effect: 11-Feb-2019 08:13 AM – Ongoing

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