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Interesting new cars being released by Chevrolet this coming summer. The new Traverse, Malibu, and Colorado are all coming with one same feature.

If you don’t have your seat-belt buckled, the vehicle won’t start. Thing is this will only be if the vehicle is in, ‘Teen Driver mode. According to their own studies, only 59% of teenagers in the US say they wear a seat-belt every time they drive. 

‘Teen Driver Mode’ also warns teens driving if they hit a certain speed (In the US it’s 85 mph)  A warning pops up and automatically slows the car down. No idea if Chevy will offer the same ‘Mode’ here in Canada.

Parents will be able to program their teenagers fob to allow for, ‘Teen Driver Mode.’

Volvo recently announced similar safety features for their automobiles for all drivers including a car that will actually pull over if someone is driving distracted.

Smart Cars Indeed.