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Like most girls, every time I blow dry my hair I’m left with a frizzy, dried out mane that only gets fluffier and more staticky as the day goes on. What’s a girl to do! Get a keratin smoothing treatment at Crush Hair Co.…obviously!

When I walked into Crush Hair Co., which is located in the Panorama Village shopping centre at the corner of 152nd and Highway 10, I didn’t know what to expect. Immediately I was greeted with a warm smile from the receptionist and couldn’t believe how much the place was BUZZING! Every where I looked there were high school girls getting their hair done for their grad that night as well women and men of all ages updating their look for the summer months. Immediately, I knew I was in good hands and ready to channel my inner Jennifer Aniston with a nice, sleek do!

Crush Hair Co. located at 15133 56 Ave unit 104, Surrey

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Here’s what my hair looked like walking in, which is what it generally looks like on any given Wednesday. Flat in some areas, frizzy in others aka not a whole lot of sleekness going on!

My warm and friendly hairdresser Cathy, who I bonded with swapping stories about our past online dating nightmares and other silly girl talk, told me Crush Hair Co. is beyond excited to offer the new ‘Cezanne’ smoothing treatment, which is what’s going to be applied to my hair today that costs on average $300.

Cathy explained to me Brazillian Blowouts were banned in Canada years ago due to dangerous levels of formaldehyde in the treatment which was not only toxic to breathe in but also burned something awful when applied to the scalp. Another negative of the Brazillian Blowout is you couldn’t put your hair in a ponytail after for days because it would put an indentation in your hair. With Crush Hair Co.’s new smoothing ttreatment,  not only can you put your hair up in a bun immediately afterwards, you can wash your hair, go swimming….whatever! Same result with no pain or strict post-rules to follow? Lather me up baby!

“Keratin treatment is for people who have a naturally frizzy curl. When they blow it out they don’t want to have all those frizzies, so this makes it softer and healthier.”

Benefits of Crush Hair Co.'s Keratin smoothing treatment

Takes about 30 - 45 minutes for treatment to soak in, perfect time to....

Catch up on Hollywood gossip!

After a quick 30 minutes soak-in, Cathy rinsed my hair out, did a little blow dry and straightening action, and voila! In an hour I went from frizzed out, dead hair to red-carpet ready luxurious locks  that Jennifer Aniston or JLo would be jealous of (bring it on ladies!)

Plus as part of every Crush Hair Co. smoothing treatment you receive a free ‘Cezanne’ sulfide-free shampoo and conditioner to make your smooth and sleek ‘do last longer!

I couldn’t be happier with the results and could only imagine the transformation for women or men with REALLY curly hair!

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Good luck!