If you bought a Lotto 6/49 ticket in Aldergrove yesterday (Wednesday), you miiiiiiiiight want to check it!

You could be $24-million dollars richer!

BCLC isn’t saying where the winning ticket was bought, just that it was somewhere in Aldergrove and was the only one in Canada to match all six numbers – 7, 17, 18, 22, 28 and 34. 

Can you imagine? Whoever bought the ticket is likely going around today buying a cheap two buck coffee, complaining about the price of gas…little do they know they’re a multi-millionaire!

Well the clock is ticking buddy! You got one year to claim your prize!

On that note, what would you do with $24-million?

Just off the top of my head….I would quit my job (sorry Pulse FM!) and travel around the world for a year, then build a huge dream house in Mexico that had the largest wine and tequila cellar known to mankind (I’m Mexican, what did you expect), get at least a dozen dogs and their own nanny, a custom plane, laser hair remove my entire body, buy a Rubicon, oh and…give some to charity, I guess:p


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