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Being a vegetarian I find it very hard to get good substitutes for food I used to enjoy eating. I became a vegetarian because I am a huge animal lover and I don’t want to put my money towards and industry I don’t agree with, but that is just my beliefs and I don’t judge people who make a different choice. Anyway I have always been on the hunt for a great veggie burger, I have found a few that are okay and one that is pretty good but nothing that really made me say wow this is amazing!

Well the other day A&W started selling a new veggie burger that had people talking, so it peaked my interest. A California based company called Beyond Meat makes the burgers to look and taste like a real burger.  They are plant based and made with beets to mimic beef’s red colouring, and coconut oil and potato starch to give it a similar juiciness and chew.

I bought one the other day and even in the bag it smelled like a real burger so I had hope, then I took it out and it actually looked like a real burger! I took the first bite and oh my goodness it was delicious! It actually tasted like a real burger, I am not kidding!

It was so good from the first bite to the last! Hands up to A&W for bringing this deliciously amazing burger to Canada and into my hands. It even impressed the meat eaters in my life, they actually said if they didn’t know it was a veggie burger they wouldn’t have known.

So if you are like me and have struggled to find a good veggie burger, well you don’t need to look any further. I am not being endorsed for my opinion it is my true and honest opinion so try one today and let me know your thoughts!