Awhile back I had mentioned my trip back from the north shore took me across the Alex Fraser Bridge. As I approachced the bridgedeck I diliberately set my Cruise Control to just past the new speed limit of 70km/hr

Previsouly it was 90kms/hr if you are not a user of the bridge.

As I crossed the bridgedeck absolutely every single vehicle that went by me was moving faster than I was.

I don’t have the ability to, ‘clock’ other vehicles but an estmated guess had me believeing at least 90-95% of the cars that past me were driving at least the former speed of 90kms/hr and the other 5-10% thought they were driving the autobahn.

And I spoke about my experience.

Less than two weeks later came across a local news story regarding a Delta City Councillor who may have tried the same experiment because she believes drivers driving 70 and many others driving 90 is even more of a safety issue on the bridgedeck.

(Originally the speed was reduced because the lanes had been narrowed for the new moveable counter-flow lane)

Councillor Jackson also questions whether the RCMP are going to enforce the new speed limit in that stretch.

One thing we do know is this and Councillor Jackson is absolutely correct:

If you set a speed limit 20 kms less and have vehicles ignore while other honour you’re bound to have a bad situaltion eventually given there’s a 20 kilometre an hour difference.

Let’s just hope it’s not a matter of time.