Welcome to our LAUNCH EPISODE of PULSE FM Spotlight!

Hunter Harding (left) and Carson Hoy (right)

Let’s start our first episode with this energetic duo from our backyard, Hunter Harding and Carson Hoy better known as the “UV Boys”. They are from Cloverdale, BC, which is just up the street from our studio.  I had the pleasure of getting to know the UV Boys and hearing all about their passion for music and where they see themselves in the future in the music industry.

The UV Boys began their journey into music individually at their own pace. Carson was in various Rock and Metal bands from the early age of six years old and in high school he was a part of the Jazz Band. Hunter on the other hand explored his writing skills. He began to write poetry which evolved into creating hip hop songs.

Together the duo became friends in Grade 8 in which Carson would DJ parties. Both grow their art of music and began to experiment working together. Carson started to create the music and beats. He self taught himself how to record his own guitars and instruments; learned how to use synthesizers; used their own voices to make effects and sounds. Hunter paired his poetry and hip hop lyrics and with that emerged the UV Boys.

Both Carson and Hunter get their inspiration from likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg with music styles and sounds from the 90’s G Funk era. They consider their style of music to be Club Hip-Hop/Pop.

To date they have written and produced twenty songs.

Currently, Carson can be found producing for the hiphop group Rushden and Diamonds along with DJing in Surrey/Vancouver full time. If you were celebrating New Years at The Henry in Cloverdale you got to enjoy Carson’s Dj Mix. Carson can also be heard DJing at The Taphouse in Guildford.

Hunter is currently rapping and working on new material, performing and working on various live productions for a local live entertainment company.

Get to know your UV Boys from Cloverdale with a quick Q & A:

Where do you find inspiration in the city?

We like going to the pool to swim mostly, our first album “Lanes” was inspired by swimming lanes.

Where’s your favourite hang out place?

Going to shows downtown at the Vogue we got lots of inspiration from hiphop artists who would come through like Mac Miller (we took pictures for Post Malone and Jazz Cartier also when they came as a side project to learn about the industry)

What’s your favourite food or things to do while making music? 

We’d eat quesadilla’s, pizza, popcorn and omelettes lots while making music or watching rap documentaries and stuff.

What’s your favourite high school memory?

Our fav memory in high school was when we pretended to be each other for a semester in a class and revealed in our final project that we were each other (and got in lots of trouble, but we handed in each-others’ work so it was technically sorted).

Your advice to other talent and youth?

Carson Hoy (back) Hunter Harding (front)

”Try being yourself as much as possible because people can tell when you’re not being yourself”


You can keep connected with the UV Boys on Facebook.

If you didn’t have a chance to hear their spotlight feature interview that aired on Sunday, January 6th at 7 PM you can listen to it here.


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