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First official full day of Spring, first official day of putting off spring cleaning. (Yeah, me too) If you’ve been putting off the horrible job of cleaning anything in your home, you may have awaited far too long. According to an article by MYDOMAINE.COM, ‘This is How Often You Should Clean Your Home – According to Science’.  According to those in the know, our homes is, ‘harbouring more bacteria than a public trash can.’ That said, here’s a few things around the house you should clean – probably more than you do ( yeah, meet too)

A few examples: 

Your bedding – Every one to two weeks

Microwave – Every week

Bathtub – Every Week

Refrigerator – Once a Month 

Computer – Every Week (Did yo know keyboards collect five times the bacteria found on a toilet seat?)

Pillows should be replaced every three months according to the article. 

Carpets should be Steam Cleaned every six to twelve months.  

Bath Towels – Every Three Uses 

And finally, the Kitchen Countertop should be cleaned every day. Specifically closest to the sink due to contaminated washcloths and sponges.


Hope that’s all the inspiration you’ll need for a good spring clean this weekend. Or let’s just forget we even talked about this.