Steve Tsonev (Independant)

By September 24, 2018General

Steve has lived in New Westminster since 2007. His love for the city has inspired him to give back to the community. Steve is currently volunteering at the local electoral district association and at Grandview-Woodland community policing centre. Previously he has served as President of Point Grey Village Business Improvement Association and on a number of strata councils.

Steve is a firm believer in the public school system and this, along with his passion for education, is the catalyst for his candidacy for school board trustee.

“Well educated children are the best investment we can make for our future, thus education should be top priority for everyone.” In addition, increasing transparency and improving accountability are on the list to tackle the moment he’s elected into office.  Schools are the backbone of the community, placing students in the centre of attention will have a ripple effect across the entire city.