When we were younger, a peeling nose was just another sign of a great and fulfilling childhood spent outside in the fresh air!  (Along with skinned knees and elbows, of course.)

These days the sun is stronger and we are inundated with sun safety (and danger) messages every time we turn around.  Whether your child is newborn or 10, there are a lot of precautions to take when it comes to the sun.  (And it seems they all cost money…)

Direct sunlight is pretty much a no-no.  Stay out of it during the stronger hours.  If you can’t, slap a hat on your child and sun screen is a must.  This could be an entire post on its own because there are as many opinions on sunscreens as there are options for sunscreens!

What else might you need in the sunny weather?

For the little ones you can buy all kinds of sun shade tents.  If you don’t have tinted windows, you’d better get one of those tinted shades for your car so that their little eyes aren’t assaulted by the rays of the sun.  You can also buy the tiniest of sunglasses that have a band so that your baby can’t remove them!  Rashguards today are built with UV protection, so they’re not just for surfers!  That upscale stroller naturally has an attachment for sun protection available for purchase.

Sun protection for children is a huge industry.  And it’s serious, don’t get me wrong!  I definitely slap on the sunscreen (don’t forget their neck!) and have a full array of hats and backup hats… I’m just glad that when my kids were babies there was a little less information overload (and a little less online shopping) – I’d have been broke!