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If you or someone you love is hearing-impaired, this deal of the week will definitely be of interest to you.

Just by scrolling through the Fleetwood Deals app (available on both Apple and Android), we discovered the featured Deal of the Week in partnership with Surrey Hearing Care Inc!

Located on 159 Street and 84 Ave, Surrey Hearing Care’s mission has always been to help enhance the lives of those who struggle with hearing impairment.  They offer assistive listening devices, digital hearing aids, and even comprehensive hearing care services like hearing evaluation and counseling. They also offer tons of advice as far as preventing hearing loss – something we can all benefit from, hearing impaired or not.

They take the time to tailor each client’s experience to fit their own unique needs, and will work with you to ensure you leave happy.

This week, Surrey Hearing Care is offering you a $400 savings on hearing aids!  Find out more at or by downloading the Fleetwood Deals app on your phone.

Check them out today!