(Release from the City of Surrey)

Mayor Doug McCallum launched the City of Surrey’s Love Where You Live campaign which calls for residents,

business owners, schools, and community groups to do their part in keeping Surrey clean and beautiful.

“Everyday, and especially during this new initiative, we are calling on everyone to participate in keeping the street

where you live, and the parks where our children play, clean and welcoming,” said Mayor Doug McCallum.

“No effort is too small, and it starts with the street you work or call home. I challenge everyone to take 20

minutes out of your day, once a week, to clean up your property and the space around it.”

With a series of community events, challenging residents to get involved in cleaning up streets, parks and town

centres, Love Where You Live expands on existing initiatives from now until October 30, 2019. The City will be increasing

services during this time, including litter, dumping and graffiti removal. Several beautification projects are also taking place,

including increased decorative street lighting, and the installation of street banners representing each town centre, which aim

to increase civic pride.

During the launch event, held at City Hall today, staff joined Mayor and Council for a kick-off clean-up event, which was

also supported at various civic facilities. Across the city, staff collected litter at their place of work and the surrounding area.

“I was proud to see so many city staff step up today to support this initiative. As we head into summer, many families

will spend more time outdoors enjoying our beautiful parks and outdoor recreational facilities,” added Mayor McCallum. “I want

to thank our city staff and encourage everyone to play a part in the Love Where You Live movement to create a cleaner, healthier

and welcoming community. As a city, this is our time to shine.”

For the full Love Where You Live event schedule, or to learn more about the city-wide campaign, visit surrey.ca/lovewhereyoulive.

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