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Earlier this week, Uber and Lyft were approved by the Passenger Transportation Board to operate in “Zone 1” including the Lower Mainland.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum has issued the following statement:

The approval of ride hailing companies in Metro Vancouver by the Passenger Transportation Board does not change my position on this issue. What continues to be my chief concern is the unfair advantage that has been created without any regard as to how it will impact those who are employed in the taxi industry.  It is no secret that a large percentage of cab drivers live in Surrey and the modest wages they earn go to support their families. As residents and as my constituents, it is my duty to do what I can to ensure that these jobs are not lost due to an unfair advantage that has been arbitrarily put in place.

The taxi industry meets the needs of all its passengers by having vehicles for hire that can accommodate people of all abilities. Until I am assured that a level playing field is established, I will not be supporting the issuing of ride hailing business licenses and, if there is a need, I will be asking for an increase in taxi licenses for operation in Surrey. I look forward to hearing about how the region will work with the province to ensure there is fair competition in the marketplace between ride hailing companies and the taxi industry.

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