Surrey Students NOW is hosting an information session titled “Inclusion 101.” this Wednesday at the Newton Library from 7 – 9pm.

“We firmly believe that all children in our district have a right to safe and inclusive classrooms and schools,” says Charlene Dobie, School Trustee Candidate.

Sonia Andhi, School Trustee Candidate concurs, “Safe spaces are essential for all of us, but especially for our students. Respect and inclusivity in our schools will continue to create healthy dialogue and growth.”

This free information session is open to the public.

There are two parts to the information session:

Professor Jen Marchbank will be speaking on the resource SOGI 123 to address concerns and misinformation about the resource being used in our schools. Additionally, Youth for a Change will be speaking on inclusive language and practices.

“We’ve had families reach out to us asking about these resources as this affects a loved one. We want families to know that their children matter,” says Cindy Dalglish, School Trustee Candidate.

“All students need to have access to positive spaces for conversations about diversity and acceptance. Surrey Students NOW commits to supporting staff in creating these spaces where they don’t exist,” says Mary-Em Waddington, School Trustee Candidate.