I have been away since Thursday of last week due to an unfortunate circumstance, my father passed away Thursday morning. My father was 97 years old. I thought I was ready. Let me just say this – you are never ready. And in the process of your grief, some wonderful people will step into your life. Wanted to take a moment to thank some great people who helped get my mother and I through some very tough times these past few days. To the RCMP officers who were 1st on scene and helped us hold it together when we didn’t believe that was possible. The two wonderful victim services people who showed us what we were going to need to do next. The coroner who did her best to explain that my father did not suffer in his passing. The people who came and took my father’s body away with compassion and dignity. The good people at A Simple Cremation in Maple Ridge for going us along with us all the way this rough path. And to my friend Brad at Brad’s Junk Removal (bradsjunkremoval.com) who dropped everything and came down and helped get rid of some of my father’s belongings. And to everyone here at Pulse FM who have been very supportive. Especially Tara Lopez and Leah Holiove for filling in while i was gone. We hear a lot about all the bad people in this world. Felt the need to mention the good who helped my mother and I so much over there past few days. We can’t thank you enough.